story 5

"At Christmas we had a young family who were new to the area bring in a smoked turkey (home smoked!), ham and all the fixings.  Since they didn't have any family in the area they wanted to start a new tradition of helping others. When we were through serving the guests the family personally drove in to Seattle to take the left overs to the men's shelter."

story 4

"One evening I brought in dinner with a group of friends and wasn't planning on staying long. However one of our young guests gave me a folded piece of paper and told me not to open it until 7:00. When I told her that I wouldn't be therethat late she said I could open it then but must keep it a secret.  It turned out to be an invitation to a dance party at 7:15 so how could I not stay!"


Story 1

"As several children were all using the playdough, one little girl (about 6 or 7 years old) looked up at me and said "I don't have a home..."  My response was "Your home is wherever your Family is!" She got a big smile on her face."

Story 2

"One really cool thing that I didn't know would be part of the experience of volunteering at NB is the community of volunteers. I love going each week not only to be with the guests but to see the volunteers who are often the same ones and meeting new ones too. And then seeing the families who come in to serve dinner. It's all really amazing and it feels like a big family of super great people coming together for a common purpose.  Just wanted you to know how much I love that place!"